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Carrot and cucumber veggie noodle salad with cilantro hemp pesto

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Beyond the Peel

(Read caption) Avoiding wheat, looking to trim down, or just trying to get more veggies in your diet? Veggie 'noodles' are a great addition to a simplified meal.

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Even though it’s snowing in Canada as I write this, I still feel like spring is in the air. Probably because the sun is finally starting to rise before I do and set at a reasonable hour (not 5 p.m.). At least for me, with spring comes the unquenchable need for veggies. More Veggies! I can’t get enough. So I decided to ditch the grains and fill up on vegetable “noodles.”

Yup, veggie “noodles.” Whether you’re trying to lean down, avoid wheat for digestive issues, or simply get more veggies into your diet, veggie “noodles” are a great addition to a simplified meal.

Sure you can buy a spiralizer to make noodle shapes out of raw vegetables, but if you’ve never tried it before, you may not want to invest in a fancy gadget. After all, we don’t need to create kitchen gadget cemeteries in our kitchens. A carrot peeler is a great way of testing out the concept like we did here for Carrot Parpadelle. A mandoline  (this is the one we use) works great, too, if you have one. Or in this case, my sister picked up an inexpensive julienne peeler.


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