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Confetti cookies

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(Read caption) Cookies packed with cranberries, white chocolate chips, M&Ms, with a touch of salt are a fun variation of regular chocolate chip cookies.

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My daughters have been spending many Fridays at home with their Daddy. They tool about town getting errands done and preparing for the weekend. A few weeks ago there was talk of cookie making. What to put in them? What kind to bake? One little mouth squealed for cranberries and white chocolate, the other preferred M&Ms.

When I came home Friday evening, a delectable aroma hit me at the door. I found these beauties cooling on the rack. Immediately, the brightly colored confetti in the cookies made me smile from ear to ear. Why limit the mix-ins? Everyone was thrilled with the outcome. 

I was further surprised when I asked what recipe my little team of bakers had used. My husband said that it was adapted from Trisha Yearwood’s cookie recipe. I didn’t know much about Trisha and a little search turned up her list of accomplishments. The country star can win Grammys, have a dozen top singles and cook? She has two cookbooks and a third in the works. Based on the deliciousness of these cookies, I think I’ll try some of her other recipes.

The Food Network recipe featured white chocolate chips, cranberries, and macadamia nuts. My girls chose to leave out the nuts and add in M&Ms. In addition, my husband included a touch of salt, which we always like to balance the sweet. Experiment with your own favorite cookie “confetti.”


Confetti cookies


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