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The newsroom weighs in: Traditional Oreos take the cake

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(Read caption) Watermelon Oreos, the famous dunkable cookie's newest makeover seen here, is causing a stir among fans and detractors alike on social media. Curiously absent from the conversation, Oreo's typically savvy social media managers.

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Elections are all the rage these days. Citizens went to the polls to determine the next Iranian president and the next Massachusetts senator, among other widely covered races. Upcoming high-profile elections include the 11-candidate fight for New York City mayor and the dead-tie in Virginia for governor.

But there's one hot-button choice that needs more press: Are novelty Oreos better than the original? We got curious following the recent hubub over Oreo's newest summer flavor: Watermelon.

The Christian Science Monitor prides itself in thoughtful, fair reporting. We apply these standards to all of our journalistic endeavors, including an Oreo taste test recently conducted in the Monitor newsroom.


We purchased three novelty flavors of Oreos – Watermelon; Rainbow Shure, Bert!; and Neapolitan. For the purposes of this article, we'll call the Rainbow Shure, Bert! flavor – yes, that's how Oreo stylizes it – Sherbet.

The independent variable (this was conducted with scientific rigor, after all) was of course the original chocolate wafer, vanilla cream flavor. Milk was provided to cleanse the palate.


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