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Giveaway: Calling all novice canners

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(Read caption) August is the perfect time to capture fresh summer fruit into jams and preserves.

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For years, I have had “preserving” on my bucket list. Last year, I made some refrigerator pickles but I never made the leap to full canning. When I was contacted by Jarden Home Brands about Can It Forward day, it was just the push I needed to make it happen and cross this longstanding “to do” off my list. 

A few weeks ago, I received a number of packages containing everything I needed to try my hand at jam or jelly making. Ball makes an appliance called the FRESHTECH Automatic Jam & Jelly Maker that basically does the work for you. Perhaps the purists reading this post are rolling their eyes. I know that there isn’t much to making jam on the stovetop but due to my busy schedule, I’m all for handy shortcuts, especially if they don’t compromise quality.

Last weekend, our family took a trip to the farmer’s market to scout out some ingredients for our first jam. We settled on some beautiful raspberries and blackberries. The girls helped wash them and mash them. Of course, a number of taste tests ensured quality control.


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