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Garden gratitude, week three

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When I started thinking of what I was  grateful for that's garden-related, I wondered if I could think of five things a day that I am  genuinely grateful for. I'm not quite there yet, but I  have one more day until the official day of giving thanks.

31. I saw a nice letter from Willie Nelson in today's issue of USA Today, giving gratitude for farmers. Even committed gardeners can rarely grow all the fruits and vegetables they need, not to mention stuff like wheat, sugar, rice, and so forth. Being a farmer isn't an easy life and I'm particularly grateful for those family farmers who've stuck with it.

32. I'm grateful for garden books, which, at their best, entertain us, teach us, introduce new ideas and ways of doing things, and move us forward. I don't know how  much longer books will be around in their present form, but I hope that in some form they're around for a long time.

33. In that same vein, I'm grateful for book publishers. (And their editors, too. Thanks, Billie!) They're working to find their way through a vastly changing field. I'm sure it's scary at times.

34. I'm grateful for gardening friends who, over the years, have shared knowledge, seeds, books, plants, and -- best of all -- encouragement. My life would be much different without them.

35. And, oh yes, I forgot to mention the authors of those garden books. How much I have gleaned from so many of you!

36. I think just about all gardeners have a group of like-minded people for which they're grateful. It may be a plant society, a garden club, the Master Gardeners. For me, it's the Garden Writers of America. I just don't have words to say how wonderful its members are.

37. I'm grateful that native plants and heirlooms have gained popularity not just among gardeners, who've always been fans, but with the general public. It just makes you feel good that people realize what we had almost left behind.


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