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New Disney princess outrage: Is 'Frozen' only for 'pretty' girls? (+video)

The next Disney princess film, 'Frozen,' will debut Nov. 27. But an animator has caused a small revolt online by saying of the lead female characters: 'you have to keep them pretty.'

Frozen (Trailer)
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The head of animation for Disney's upcoming film "Frozen" has leaked the secret of the studio's princess success, and it is shocking.

"Historically speaking, animating female characters are really, really difficult, ’cause they have to go through these range of emotions, but they’re very, very — you have to keep them pretty and they’re very sensitive to – you can get them off-model very quickly," Lino Disalvo told Fanvoice.

I'll pause for a moment to allow you to take in the momentous revelation that Disney has historically liked its princesses to be pretty.


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