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Carrie Underwood dress: Digital metamorphosis steals 2013 Grammys (+video)

Carrie Underwood dress: Forget the 6th Grammy Award, Carrie Underwood wore a dress that became a digital screen during her performance of 'Blown Away.' And her $31 million in jewelery drew some buzz as well.

Carrie Underwood's dress became a projection screen during her 2013 Grammy performance of "Two Black Cadillacs."
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Carrie Underwood used the huge skirt of her gray dress as a digital projector during her Grammy Awards performance.

As she sang "Blown Away" and " Two Black Cadillacs" various images flashed on her dress.

"They can do a lot of amazing things with projectors these days," she said backstage, holding her trophy for best country solo performance. "We had a dress especially made. I said I should take that home and we can watch movies on it."


Ms. Underwood said she had to stand in a specific spot on the Staples Center stage to make it work.

"It took a lot of precision," she said.

She told Entertainment Tonight later that she was barefoot and standing on an apple crate to get her dress it the precise height for the images.


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