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Kids report on the presidential race

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Sometimes the kid reporters turn heads as they set up alongside much taller journalists. Photographers focus cameras on them, but these novice newshounds keep focused on their mission.

A few days before the New Hampshire primary, Hana and three of her fellow fifth-grade reporters attended a rally for Sen. Barack Obama at Concord High School. They propped up tripods and video cameras on two corners of an elevated platform for the press, and waited.

This day they arrived early enough to stake out a good spot. But student videographer Peter Newland says his most challenging moment during the fall campaign came during a John McCain event. There he had to struggle to hold the camera high enough to film over people's heads.

Peter says he enjoys telling other students about the presidential candidates because "the president will affect your future.... They could make it better; they could make it worse. It helps if you watch those types of things."

His classmate Zachary Speigel recalls asking McCain about the rising cost of college: "I asked this huge, five-minute question about education, and he was just stunned and said, 'How old are you?' " Zachary says with a wide-eyed laugh.

McCain went on to answer "that we definitely need to at least try to put the prices down, because kids like us need a good education," he says.

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