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Slip sliding away at Girl Scout camp

A few holes in the wall was a small price to pay for a whole lot of fun.

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I'm mopping our kitchen floor, planning to wax it, and this mundane chore reminds me that when I worked for the Girl Scouts, I was pleased with the quality of my work on floors, but that skill with floors helped lead to holes in a wall.

I took care of Magic Sky Ranch, a year-round camp in northern Colorado's Rocky Mountains. At least once a year, after I mopped the floors in each building, I stripped off the old wax and put on new.

The bedroom floors of the large lodge were never mopped, however. They were waxed hardwood, so the rules for all the groups of Scouts and their adult leaders were: stocking feet only in the bedrooms, then pick up the mattresses from the floors, stack them in the designated place, and sweep or dust mop the floors before leaving.

I waxed and polished the hardwood floors when they needed it, and I did a good job, because anything less than a good job looked terrible – dull and streaked.

Well-polished hardwood floors and stocking feet can be an adventuresome combination for children – even for adults who have not gone staid after their departure from childhood.

The largest bedroom upstairs was a long room. When outside activities were limited by cold weather and snow, sometimes the supervised indoor activities didn't fill the Scouts' time or adequately use up their exuberant energy.

So it became great sport for two of the girls to grasp another between them and propel her – sliding on the well-polished floor in her stocking feet – the length of the room.

Sometimes, the "propellers" gave an extra-hard push toward the end of the propelled's ride and released her. I'm sure she was thrilled by the smooth, fast slide, but she had no way to stop except to put up her hands and bang into the end wall.

When doing this, some of the Scouts discovered, to their horror, that sheetrock walls are not all that strong.


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