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How do you say 'gooey brownies'?

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It came with an owner's manual that explained how everything worked and included plenty of tasty looking recipes – all written in Korean, of course. So I relied on the Internet to teach me how to use my new appliance. But I did not need the World Wide Web to realize that the first thing one needs when baking cream cheese brownies is cream cheese. Korean grocery stores have dairy sections, but they feature mainly a huge variety of yogurt, some soft cheeses, butter, and a few choices of milk – my favorite being "Einstein milk," which makes the assurance on every carton that "Einstein Milk is Natural DHA milk secreted from milk cows."

One side of the carton, written entirely in English, reads: "Using advanced biotechnology, Einstein is a completely different non-fortified natural DHA milk produced directly from milk cows. Einstein is produced only in designated farms with exceptionally good natural surroundings where healthy milk cows are screened and cared for with special feed to maintain their top conditions. The stringent quality control system that no others can imitate helps maintain the value only Einstein has. Milk for your precious family – choose the best. Einstein. 100% natural milk with no other added ingredients."

The dairy section of my local grocery does include Camembert and brie cheeses, Philadelphia soft cream cheese in regular and strawberry flavors, and some products I can't identify that are probably cheese related. There are no other cheeses: no mozzarella, cheddar, Swiss, Colby, etc., although Velveeta is displayed in a department-store grocery here.

Yoplait and Dannon are both popular brands here, but Korea is getting to be known worldwide for its own yogurt (probably because of those happily secreting cows), so yogurt drinks and snacks take up most of the dairy section. They are offered in surprisingly small bottles and containers – some that appear to contain only a swallow or two for the purchaser.

To find solid cream cheese, I had to visit a Western-style supermarket in Seoul. This is also the only store I have found that carries chocolate chips, pecans, and vanilla extract.

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