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Air travelers tweet: TSA pat-downs and scans evoke humor, tears

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The result is tweets about Nude-o-Scopes, groping, and occasionally, humor.

The TSA, for example, has received a host of new nicknames, from the classic post-9/11 “Taking Scissors Away” to “Taking Security Away,” “Targeted Sexual Assault,” “They See All,” and even “Trampling Several Amendments.” The Internet also has new terms for the scans, including pornoscanners and gate rape (already a new entry in the Urban Dictionary).

Sign of the season: One of the TSA agents sang "Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer" to me as I entered the country

• airport security patdowns can take up to 4 minutes? ... it should come with drinks and dinner

Others reported few problems.

• Was expecting the worst going through airport security today, but I flew through in under five minutes, no body scans or pat-downs involved.

Some wrote of their discomfort with the process.

• The last thing I wanted to hear after passing thru TSA naked scanner: "Ma'am, we need you to go through again." #surehopeitwasntworking

And some highlighted deeper issues.

• I just opted out of the backscatter, and then had my breasts and genitals groped by a TSA Agent. It was very violating. When I complained to the agent she told me (QUOTE) ‘You will be thankful about these security measures when you see those people praying on their rugs.’ I am infuriated.

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