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Border bunglers: 10 odd smuggling attempts foiled by US agents

Smugglers are known for their ingenuity in getting drugs across the US-Mexico border. But illicit drugs are just a few of the illegal products – from the exotic to the mundane – that people attempt to sneak into the US everyday. Here are 10 examples of creative ways people tried to sneak something past Customs.

By Lourdes Medrano, Staff writer


When trying to smuggle a dove in to the US, an empty bird cage can be a dead giveaway.

Giampiero Sposito/REUTERS/File

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1. Drunk birds

Birds of all feathers often capture unwanted attention at the border. To subdue the creatures, people sometimes give them alcohol or medication. Not long ago, a woman nestled four doves inside her jacket as she walked past customs inspectors, who intercepted the flock. Maybe the empty bird cage in her hand gave the woman away. 


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