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Texas highway pileup: time to slow the ‘super truckers’ down?

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The I-10 Texas pile up was “even worse than last week on I-35, 4 rigs, 9 cars, 1 DOA,” another trucker wrote on the board. “I saw that one as the lifeflight was coming in. There have been several in a 10 mile part of I-35 under construction, all with fatalities. Guys PLEASE be careful.”

The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) recently reported that 25 percent of speeding-related large-truck fatalities occurred during adverse weather conditions, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

To be sure, investigators are still looking into how the Beaumont pileup started and developed, though, as in the bulk of mega pileups, weather conditions were chiefly to blame, as a single mistake quickly multiplied with the limited visibility.

While statistics show that more than two-thirds of truck-passenger car crashes are the fault of the motorist, not the trucker, Texas authorities have confirmed that it was a tractor trailer that crashed into the SUV of a Pearland,  Tex., couple that were killed in the massive Thanksgiving pileup. Truckers commenting on the crash also noted the prominence of several other tractor trailers in news pictures. The scene was chaos, with first responders overwhelmed and those unhurt from the crash scrambling to help survivors, many of them bleeding and at least 10 critically injured.

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