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After Manti Te'o learned about the hoax, he kept talking about his 'girlfriend' (+video)

Manti Te'o gave two media interviews – two days and four days – after he learned that his 'girlfriend' was a hoax, and wasn't dead. Why did Manti Te'o keep talking about her as if she was real? Was Manti Te'o a victim or willing participant in the hoax?

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Manti Te'o has already tried to explain how his heartwarming story of playing through adversity was a lie he wasn't responsible for, how he was the victim of a cruel hoax about a dead girlfriend who never existed.

He still has questions to answer, with many wondering whether he was a victim or participant in the scam. Those doubts even extended to his own campus, where he is one of the most popular players in Notre Dame's storied history.

"Whenever Manti decides to speak I'll bet the entire campus will stop what they're doing and watch what he has to say," Notre Dame student body president Brett Rocheleau said Thursday. "I think the majority of students believe in Manti. They just want to hear him answer these final few questions and hear the story from his point of view."


When Te'o will do that, like so much else about this story, is still a mystery.


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