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Major snowstorm on track for Northeast Friday. Are you ready? (+video)

Boston cancels school and New York prepares its plows in anticipation of a major snowstorm expected to hit the Northeast from Friday into Saturday. Some areas could see up to two feet of snow.

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A storm sweeping into New England Friday has the potential to dump two feet of snow and to rank among the 10 biggest on record for the region, weather forecasters say. Already on Thursday major metropolitan areas announced plans to cope with the storm, from school cancellations and parking bans to public assurances that enough salt has been stockpiled.

“As much as one to two feet of snow is forecast from the New York City metro area to Maine, with localized heavier amounts possible,” the National Weather Service said Thursday.

Whether the snow piles up to the two-foot level won’t be known until Saturday morning, but officials across the region are urging residents to be prepared – to have canned goods and flashlights at the ready and to be cautious about travel on Friday and Saturday.

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