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Carpe diet? Chinese firm's plan to export Asian carp could help US waterways.

A Chinese firm says it's seizing on the explosion in the population of invasive Asian carp, which environmentalists say threatens the Great Lakes, and will open a fishery dedicated to its export.


In this 2012 photo, Asian carp, jolted by an electric current from a research boat, jump from the Illinois River near Havana, Ill.

John Flesher/AP

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A Chinese company is planning to open the first fishery in the US dedicated solely to the processing of Asian carp – an invasive species that environmentalists say is threatening the Great Lakes – and its export to markets in Southeast Asia.

In its announcement this week, the company, Two Rivers Fisheries, said it aims to pull up 10,000 of the fish daily from local waterways, although environmental science experts say it is too soon to say if the effort will make enough of a significant dent in the ongoing effort to keep the species from penetrating Great Lakes waters.

There are currently an estimated one million Asian carp in the Illinois River, a waterway that links to the Mississippi River where the carp originated and is connected to Lake Michigan through a series of artificial shipping canals near Chicago.

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