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Why North Korea's US attack plans are nutty (+video)

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That said, aspects of North Korea’s alleged attack plans are ludicrous enough to verge on comic opera, according to some experts.

For instance, on March 29 North Korea’s state news agency released photos of current leader Kim Jong-un meeting with military aides in front of a large map outlining the paths of possible missile strikes on the US.

As military blogger David Cenciotti notes on his blog, The Aviationist, North Korean missiles would find it “extremely difficult” to reach the US along the map’s straight lines. Since Earth is a sphere, the shortest routes for intercontinental airplane and missile flights are great circle trips over the poles. On flat maps those show up as deeply bent arcs, not arrows.

“North Korea is such a great country that they haven’t yet realized the earth is round,” wrote one Aviationist reader in a comment on the post.

Then there are the possible targets indicated by those lines. They include Washington, D.C., Honolulu (base for US Pacific Forces), San Diego (ditto), and  ... somewhere in Texas.


It’s possible the line points to Austin.

“The individuals in North Korea understand that Austin, Texas, is a very important city in North America, as do corporate CEOs and others who are moving here in record numbers,” Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) told CBS News.

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