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Why Mitt Romney raised more money than President Obama in May (+video)

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(Read caption) Mitt Romney raises more funds than President Obama
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Mitt Romney and the Republican Party easily raised more cash in May than did President Obama and the Democrats, $76 million to $60 million, according to figures released Thursday by the presidential candidates’ campaigns.

It’s possible that this gap will appear narrower after the campaigns file official reports with the Federal Election Commission later this month. It’s unclear, for example, what percentage of Mr. Romney’s haul went to party committees that by law must spend some of their money on congressional elections.

But the $16 million gap remains large enough to call into question Mr. Obama’s reputation as the master fundraiser of the presidential race. And it cheered Republicans who have seen Romney quickly gather the party around him and begin to mount an aggressive general election campaign.

Democrats may commence panicking with this news,” crowed conservative Jennifer Rubin Thursday on her Right Turn blog at the Washington Post.


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