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Ann Romney blames media for Mitt's loss. Is that right? (+video)

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(Read caption) Ann Romney tells Fox TV that Mitt Romney didn't get "a fair shake" in the media.
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Did Ann Romney really blame the media for her husband’s loss in the 2012 presidential election? That’s the buzz making the D.C. rounds Monday morning in the wake of Ann and Mitt Romney’s interview Sunday with Chris Wallace on Fox News.

The Ann-blames-the-liberal-Main-Stream-Media idea stems primarily from a quick exchange that she had with Mr. Wallace. At one point, she’s talking about how voters never got to see what a great guy Mitt is, and she says that was the fault of both the campaign and the media.

Wallace then asked her, “What about the media?”


“I’m happy to blame the media,” Mrs. Romney replied, to general laughter in the studio.


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