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Anthony Weiner on ropes: more questions and Clintons want him out (+video)

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(Read caption) Weiner's campaign limps forward
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[Updated 6:30 p.m. EDT] Whatever one may think about Anthony Weiner, he has no small amount of pluck.

That was true when he was a member of Congress, where he sometimes spoke from the House floor in a verbal conflagration on the order of Sherman blazing through Atlanta. It was true when he entered the race for New York mayor two years after resigning from Congress in disgrace – the titters of disbelief still audible in the press gallery. And it remains true today, when he has pointedly not listened to his former leader in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who captured the feeling of many Americans in telling Mr. Weiner to "get a clue" and drop out of the mayoral race.

But at this point, is sheer force of will enough to get him to Election Day on Nov. 5?


On one hand, Weiner's refusal to drop out of the race speaks to underlying political realities, some of which don't look all that bad.


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