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Highlights from Brown, Whitman debate for California governor

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Whitman has said she supports Arizona's right to enact the law for its state but not for California.

"I have been entirely consistent on my immigration stance from day one of this campaign…. I have said I was not for the Arizona law. What is true is the federal government has abdicated their responsibility, and I said I thought it was a state's rights issue to decide what each state thought was important for them. And I have said that I do not think the Arizona law was correct in California. If such a law came to me, I would veto it."

Brown said Whitman was trying to have it both ways.

"As far as the Arizona law, she's says the Arizona law is OK for Arizona. So she's for the Arizona law for the people who are suffering right now, the people who are cleaners in Arizona. Here in California, where they're not proposing the law, she says it doesn't apply here."

On giving those in the country illegally a pathway to citizenship:

"Illegal immigration is just that, it is illegal. And we need to make sure we have the workers that the economy needs to grow and thrive," Whitman said. "My solution, in part, to that is a temporary guest-worker program. One of the great things about America and California is that we live in a rule of law. There is a judicial process, and we have to abide by that. So I think the best thing that I can do to help the Latino community in California is as first and foremost, as I said, jobs."

Brown said it was wrong for the U.S. to lure temporary workers into the country and then send them home when they are no longer needed.

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