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Mitt Romney as Regular Joe? Lessons from the Al Gore campaign

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As Pfeifle points out, these are very reminiscent of “the old attacks we used - successfully - more than a decade ago against Vice President Al Gore. If you replace Romney with Gore, it’s almost a complete copycat of what our team did in 2000.” (Check out the old Glen Beck video below, mocking Al Gore’s efforts to appear “more human.”)

It’s also quite similar to the way the Bush team ran against John Kerry back in 2004. Both Gore and Kerry were presented as utterly inauthentic - lacking core convictions not only when it came to political issues, but as a matter of basic character. As Pfeifle puts it:

"Gore tried too hard to be a Regular Joe and people caught on to it. The Republicans have to be authentic and believable. Nobody thinks Romney likes the middle seat in coach on a flight to New Hampshire or would rather have a cold cut combo than Beef Wellington…. People see phony from a mile away. "

Tellingly, Gore/Kerry-like characterizations of Romney are already emerging in the media landscape. This morning, the Washington Post ran a must-read story about Mitt Romney’s personality out on the stump. Philip Rucker writes:

"When voters exposed themselves emotionally, Romney offered little empathy. When they sought his support for their causes, Romney didn’t show them that he cared. Romney was scripted when he could have been spontaneous. He was boardroom cool when he could have been living room warm."

Nor is Romney facing this assault from Democrats alone. As POLITICO’s Mike Allen wrote in his ultimate DC insider “Playbook” after the last GOP debate:

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