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Obama in California: The good, the bad, and the $35,800 dinner plate

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Things didn't all go according to plan, though. At a fundraiser in San Francisco Thursday, some attendees started heckling him by singing a song criticizing the administration for broken campaign promises on protecting civil liberties.

Still, Obama was expected to pull in $7 million on the trip, Professor Jeffe says.

There were other moments in the trip, too, that began to recapture a bit of the excitement of his 2008 campaign. For example, Obama held a town meeting at the offices of social networking site Facebook in Palo Alto, joking it up with its creator, Mark Zuckerberg.

“I’m the one who got Mark Zuckerberg to wear a coat and tie,” Obama told a cheering crowd.

“His stop at Facebook was clearly a tip of the hat to voters under 30,” says political author Kevin McCullough, via e-mail, noting that this age group voted for him on 7 out of 10 ballots it cast in 2008.

Moreover, the stop at Facebook highlighted what’s working in the country, says Brendan Kownacki, director of strategic innovation for Merge Creative Media.

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