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Obama in Ohio: Why is he swiping at Mitt Romney over ... China? (+video)

Bashing China plays big in this crucial battleground state. Obama claims that Mitt Romney, as a businessman, sent US jobs to China. Romney counters that Obama, as president, waited until the election to stand up to China on unfair trade practices.

Obama campaign ad: Romney on China
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President Obama spent Monday reaching out to voters in a key swing state, hitting home the message that he's prepared to fight China over what many in Ohio see as unfair trade tactics.

"My opponent has been running around Ohio claiming he's going to roll up his sleeves and he's going to take the fight to China," Mr. Obama told a crowd of Ohioans at a rally in Cincinnati. "You can't stand up to China when all you've done is send them our jobs."

Obama and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney have been trading swipes on the stump and in advertisements over China lately, each trying to convince voters that the other is all talk.

On Monday, Obama underscored his message by filing suit with the World Trade Organization against China for unfair trade practices. In the suit – the second one against China that Obama has filed recently – the US charges that China is unfairly subsidizing its cars and auto parts for export. 


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