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Sarah Palin co-hosts 'Today.' How'd she handle it? (+video)

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(Read caption) Sarah Palin co-hosts 'Today Show' on Tuesday morning.
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Sarah Palin co-hosted the “Today Show” on Tuesday, meaning that for one morning she was a member of what she calls the “lamestream media”. How did she fare in the glare of several hours of early-morning TV?

Well, we think she held up fine. There was no mangling of the history of Paul Revere’s ride, no malapropisms, and no assertions that if you squint you can see Russia from the top of 30 Rock. She was a perfectly competent performer who poked fun at herself (the lead-in showed her commandeering Matt Lauer’s office and writing notes on her hand) while handling tough questions without wilting.

In fact, during her seven-minute, serious interview with Mr. Lauer, we think it was the interviewer who came across as irritating. Lauer kept interrupting Ms. Palin to press her to answer questions she was in the process of answering. Plus, his topics were sort of a checklist of conventional wisdom. Nonsensical discussion of brokered convention? Check! Reference to Mitt Romney as boring? Check! Obligatory comparison of selection of Palin to upcoming GOP VP choice? Roger that!

“There is no perfect candidate. I would warn voters never to put their faith wholly in an individual,” said Palin in response to that latter query.

If Lauer would have asked questions about what Palin was saying the whole thing would have been much more interesting. She kept talking about President Obama’s “failed socialist policies”, for instance. He could have asked her what she thought socialism is, and which of Obama’s policies apply, just to nudge her off that talking point.

Anyway, the whole experience does raise a number of interesting questions on its own.


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