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Republicans to air anti-Obamacare ads during 'Daily Show' (+video)

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(Read caption) Jon Stewart attacks Obamacare rollout again: ‘So sick of this sh*t’
About these ads

The Republican National Committee is targeting young Americans – specifically, young Americans in the Washington area who watch "The Daily Show" – in its latest assault on the Affordable Care Act.

The RNC is running an anti-Obamacare ad Tuesday night during "The Daily Show" in the D.C. market, hoping to resonate with the same healthy young people that the Obama administration needs to buy into the new system in order to offset the costs of insuring older and comparatively less healthy Americans.

The ad that the RNC is running during "The Daily Show" is one of four that the committee has produced riffing on the popular Apple "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercials, in which an actor playing a Mac contrasts himself with his PC friend. In the RNC's commercials, two actors portray "Obamacare" and the "Private Sector."


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