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Mideast peace: Will Obama give Kerry a chance? Israel trip could offer clue. (+video)

The Mideast peace process may not be at the top of Obama's agenda, but analysts say Secretary Kerry, who is accompanying the president in Israel, is eager to tackle the challenge.

What to expect from Obama trip to Israel
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President Obama is not expected to announce any major initiative to relaunch the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process when he visits the region beginning Wednesday. But his top diplomat, Secretary of State John Kerry, is known to be anxious to tackle an issue that some say has become almost a third rail in the president’s second term.

The question now is whether Mr. Obama, who is considered by many Washington policy experts to be the most controlling president of the nation’s foreign policy since perhaps Richard Nixon, will be willing to loosen the reins enough to give Secretary Kerry, and peace, a chance.

Tackling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “does not appear to be a priority for the second [Obama] term, [but] it is a priority for John Kerry,” says Martin Indyk, a former US ambassador to Israel who is now director of the foreign policy program at the Brookings Institution in Washington.


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