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US, South Korea put up a tough front, but it doesn't close door to North (+video)

South Korean President Park, in the US to meet with Obama, has made it clear that she sees her toughness as part of a “trust politik” that would allow for renewed dialogue with the North.

South Korea President meets with Obama
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North Korea is in a “provocation pause,” the Pentagon said Tuesday, but that is not stopping the United States and South Korea from displaying a united front toward the North’s belligerence and growing nuclear threat.

It just may be, however, that the goal of the tough unity – on display at the White House Tuesday as President Obama greeted South Korean President Park Geun-hye – is to pave the way to renewed dialogue between the two Koreas at some point down the road.

At a White House press conference Mr. Obama said Pyongyang had “failed again” with its recent nuclear provocations to split the US and South Korea – two countries celebrating 60 years of alliance with President Park’s visit – and that the North can no longer scare the region and the world into bowing to its demands.


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