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Michael Jackson's security guard, wooed by tabloids, finally speaks at trial

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Authorities said he died from a lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol, which Jackson had apparently been using to try to treat his chronic insomnia.

The drug is usually administered in a surgical setting like a hospital or clinic with a full array of vital-sign monitors and emergency-resuscitation equipment. Murray was allegedly administering the anesthetic to Jackson in his bedroom through injections and intravenous drip bags.

Alvarez said after rushing the children out of the room, he asked Murray what happened. “He said he had a reaction, he had a bad reaction,” Alvarez told the jury.

The security guard said he did not see any equipment in the room that might help monitor Jackson’s vital signs or alert staff to a medical emergency.

Alvarez said he was shocked when he noticed a device called a condom catheter attached to Jackson’s penis. The device is used frequently in concert with an intravenous saline drip to allow medical patients to urinate while still in bed. He also saw clear plastic air tubes inserted into Jackson’s nose, and an intravenous tube inserted into Jackson’s leg.

“While I was standing at the foot of the bed, [Murray] reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and said, ‘Here, put these in the bag,’ “ Alvarez said. Next, he said, Murray instructed him to remove an IV bag from an IV stand near Jackson’s bed and place it in a plastic bag.

Alvarez said he noticed a bottle inside the bag. Deputy District Attorney David Walgren showed Alvarez an empty 100 milliliter bottle of propofol.

“Does this appear to be the bottle you saw in the bag,” the prosecutor asked.

“It appears to be,” Alvarez answered. “Yes, sir.”

Alvarez said when he removed the bag from the IV stand he saw a “milky white substance” at the bottom of the bag.

Propofol is white and resembles milk.

“Why were you following these instructions to assist in collecting these vials and the saline bag?” Mr. Walgren asked.

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