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Manhunt for LAPD ex-cop Christopher Dorner ends in bullets, flames (+video)

The manhunt for ex-cop Christopher Dorner played out in real time on television. On Twitter and other social media, many expressed support for the suspect's alleged killing spree and his claims against LAPD.

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The manhunt for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner reached its climax Tuesday night with dramatic shootouts and leaping flames engulfing a mountain hideout. Authorities believe the cabin, sequestered in a gully near the resort town of Big Bear Lake, about 90 miles east of Los Angeles, is where the suspect ended his flight. Charred human remains, yet to be identified, were found in the burned cabin late Tuesday night.

The daylong rampage, involving two hostages and a carjacking, also claimed the life of a fourth victim, a sheriff’s deputy. The San Bernardino officer was shot as the suspect tried a desperate escape from the cabin during the afternoon.

Startlingly raw footage of ferocious gunfights played all day on local television stations as newscasters awaited more information about the search. At the same time, a drumbeat of social media support grew louder for the man dismissed by the Los Angeles Police Department four years ago for allegedly lying to investigators about an incident of police brutality. Mr. Dorner had claimed that a fellow officer had kicked a suspect. 

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