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Judge won't delay his order for easy access to 'morning after' pill

A federal judge, in a slap to the Obama administration, refused Friday to postpone his order to make the 'morning after' pill widely available to women and girls. The government had sought a stay pending appeal.


A pharmacist holds a generic emergency contraceptive at the Health First Pharmacy in Boston.

Elise Amendola/AP

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A federal judge on Friday refused to significantly delay his order that the morning-after emergency contraception pill be made widely available to women and girls regardless of their age.

US District Judge Edward Korman rejected an Obama administration request that the decision be put on hold while government lawyers present the issue to a federal appeals court panel.

“The motion for a stay pending appeal is denied,” Judge Korman said in a 17-page order. “Indeed, in my view, the [government’s] appeal is frivolous and is taken for the purpose of delay.”

He called the government’s action in the case an “administrative agency filibuster” designed to indefinitely sidetrack his earlier order.

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The Brooklyn-based judge granted a short postponement of the order, giving government lawyers until noon Monday to file their appeal. The lawyers are expected to ask the Second US Circuit Court of Appeals to stay Korman’s order.


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