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Sandy Hook report answers some questions, but many still a mystery (+video)

Sandy Hook report, released Monday, concludes that shooter Adam Lanza 'had a fascination with mass shootings and firearms,' but displayed no 'aggressive or threatening tendencies.'

Report released on Sandy Hook shooting investigation
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[Updated Nov. 26, 2013, at 12:30 p.m., Eastern time.]

A Connecticut state attorney’s report drew pointed conclusions about the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School that shook the nation a year ago, saying Adam Lanza acted alone in killing 26 students and staff, that the attack was premeditated, and that police and school staff “acted heroically” in responding to the tragedy.

The report also pulled together details of Mr. Lanza’s reclusive lifestyle and his troubled interactions with others.

But in summing up a months-long investigation, Stephen Sedensky of the state’s Danbury district also left big questions unanswered.

The report said Lanza’s motive remains unclear. Lanza faced mental-health challenges, and had “a fascination with mass shootings and firearms, [but] displayed no aggressive or threatening tendencies,” it said.

And the report does little to answer larger questions about how to avoid similar tragedies in the future. It focused instead on an investigation designed to bring perpetrators to justice, and it concluded that Lanza had no accomplices.

The shootings on Dec. 14, 2012, brought grief and soul-searching not only to the community of Newtown, Conn., but also to the nation. What more should be done to protect schools, to better control access to weapons such as semiautomatic rifles (Lanza used one), and to address mental-health problems that can contribute to violence?

The Sandy Hook tragedy involved a perpetrator who combined what the report called “significant mental health issues” with easy access to firearms and ammunition purchased by his mother, the only person with whom he seemed to have a close relationship, and whom he also killed that day. Lanza killed himself as police arrived on the scene.

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Some details from the report: