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Wall Street protests lead to hundreds of arrests on Brooklyn Bridge (VIDEO)

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Elsewhere in the US on Saturday, protesters assembled in Albuquerque, N.M., Boston, and Los Angeles to express their solidarity with the movement in New York, though their demands remain unclear.

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been camped in Zuccotti Park and have clashed with police on earlier occasions. Mostly, the protests have been peaceful, and the movement has shown no signs of losing steam. Celebrities including Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon made recent stops to encourage the group.

During the length of the protest, turnout has varied, but the numbers have reached as high as about a few thousand. A core group of about two hundred people remained camping throughout the week. They sleep on air mattresses, use Apple laptops and play drums. They go to the bathroom at the local McDonald’s restaurants. A few times a day, they march down to Wall Street, yelling, “This is what democracy looks like!”

There has been a growing swell of coverage in mainstream media, but there has been loud complaining the cause hasn’t been championed fast enough – or in the way protesters want.

Misinformation has added to the confusion. For instance, a rumor sprang up on Twitter that the New York Police Department wanted to use tear gas on protesters – a crowd-control tactic the department doesn’t use. The claim was eventually retracted, one of several such retractions over the past several days. On Friday, a message said Radiohead would be performing in solidarity for the cause, but the band’s management said it wasn’t playing.

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