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Texas’ Perry rejects Medicaid expansion. What now? (+video)

Now that Texas Governor Rick Perry has rejected the federal expansion of the Medicaid program, health care providers in the state would like to see Perry's alternative health care plan. Others praised the governor's decision. 

Why Gov. Perry rejects Medicad
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Gov. Rick Perry’s declaration Monday that Texas should decline to expand Medicaid and leave creation of a health insurance exchange to the federal government could create burdens for the uninsured, local taxpayers and federal officials seeking to implement the federal health law.

But it’s far from the last word on Medicaid, a continually vexing program for lawmakers.

Soon after Perry fired off a no-thanks-ma’am letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and a statement denouncing President Barack Obama’s signature health care law as a “power grab,” health providers said they’d like to see the governor’s plan for whittling into the state’s towering uninsured problem.

Perry didn’t offer one, though he expressed confidence that state officials would do far better if they could use the $18 billion of federal Medicaid funds the state receives each year without conditions.

“Block grant our dollars that we send up there back to the states, and Oklahoma or California or Texas … would make the right decisions about how to deliver health care in their states rather than one size fits all, our way or the highway,” Perry told Midland, Texas, talk-radio host Jason Moore.


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