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Coming week could be a sober one for the market

The stock market made strong gains last week after the announcement of the Fed's latest bailout program, which will pump $40 billion into the US economy each month. But Wall Street's sentiment may shift next week, as investors begin to think more long-term.

A pair of traders work in their booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, on Thursday in New York. While the market was euphoric after the Fed's latest bailout announcement last week, investors may take a step back in coming days.

Richard Drew/AP

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Comparing the Federal Reserve to a rehab clinic offering addicted investors a synthetic high has been a favorite of Wall Street wags ever since the first round of Fed stimulus nearly four years ago.

The punch line is that you always need more and more to get the same high and each bout of euphoria is followed by a crashing come-down.

After the frenetic reaction brought about by the announcement of the Fed's program - $40 billion pumped into the US economy each month - this week is likely to bring a more sober period for markets as investors digest what it means in the longer run and turn their attention to the remainder of the year.

That will include rancorous US elections in November, wrangling over taxes and spending cuts and a slowdown in corporate earnings.

"Right now we have this short-term euphoria. But then the question is where do we go from here," said Frank Fantozzi, chief executive of Planned Financial Services, an independent wealth manager in Cleveland. "I think after a week or so, if the underlying economic data doesn't change, you're going to see the market drop a bit and we'll continue to plod along until the election."


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