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Christopher Dorner: Sparing housekeepers led to undoing

Former Los Angeles police officer, Christopher Dorner, is believed dead following a weeklong search for him. He is the suspect in several murders believed to have been performed as revenge against the Los Angeles Police Department and its employees. Dorner, a black man, complained of racism within the department. 


In this aerial photo, law enforcement authorities investigate the charred remains of a cabin Wednesday, where quadruple-murder suspect Christopher Dorner is believed to have died after barricading himself inside during a Tuesday stand-off with police in Big Bear, Calif.

AP Photo/The Sun, John Valenzuela

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There was no question. The man standing before Rick Heltebrake on a rural mountain road was Christopher Dorner.

Clad in camouflage from head to toe and wearing a bulletproof vest packed with ammunition, the most wanted man in America over the last week was just a few feet away, having emerged from a grove of trees holding a large, assault-style rifle.

As teams of officers who had sought the fugitive ex-Los Angeles police officer since last week were closing in, Dorner pointed the gun at Heltebrake and ordered him to get out of his truck.

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"I don't want to hurt you. Start walking and take your dog," Heltebrake recalled Dorner saying during the carjacking Tuesday.

The man, who wasn't lugging any gear, got into the truck and drove away. Heltebrake, with his 3-year-old Dalmatian Suni in tow, called police when he heard a volley of gunfire erupt soon after, and then hid behind a tree.


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