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Kansas City restaurant explosion: Investigation could take months

A natural gas explosion destroyed a popular Kansas City restaurant on Tuesday. The explosion was felt a mile away from the scene. Earlier that day, a cable company's subcontractor hit a gas line in the area.  


Fire and smoke rise at an upscale shopping district in Kansas City, Mo., where a gas explosion sparked a blaze, Tuesday evening. A cable company subcontractor apparently hit a gas line more than an hour before the blast destroyed a popular restaurant.

AP Photo/The Kansas City Star, Keith Myers

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A day after a natural gas explosion leveled a popular restaurant, investigators raced to search the rubble and tried to understand how the blast happened despite suspicions that flammable fuel had been leaking, maybe for weeks, somewhere in the busy outdoor shopping area.

Hours before the explosion, witnesses reported a strong smell of gas, and firefighters were summoned to the scene at one point but left without ordering an evacuation.

As the cleanup got under way Wednesday, search-and-rescue crews recovered a body. Mayor Sly James declined to identify the victim, but the mother of a missing restaurant server said her family was awaiting confirmation that the remains were those of her daughter.


More than an hour before the blast, a subcontractor working for a cable company hit a gas line with underground boring equipment. Then something inside the restaurant ignited the fuel, authorities said.

Surveillance video from a nearby travel agency shows a fireball erupting from the restaurant's roof, showering the street with debris and throwing up a cloud of dust and smoke. The blast could be felt for a mile and shattered glass in neighboring buildings.


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