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Keeping an eye on China? First US Marines arrive in Australia.

The US is sending 2,500 Marines to Australia – officially to train with troops there and assist in humanitarian efforts. But many experts and diplomats say the real focus is China.


Marine Corps personnel stand at attention with the 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment during an official welcome ceremony at Robertson Barracks in Darwin, Australia, Wednesday.

Chris Dickson/Australian Department of Defense/AP

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A contingent of some 200 US Marines have landed in northern Australia, part of a broader strategic shift by the US military toward the Pacific.

 That force size is expected to grow to 2,500 total US troops in the months to come.

The move has been widely interpreted as a signal to China, with its rising military force helmed by commanders who are often less-than-transparent in their intentions, Pentagon officials often complain.

Yet military officials stress that the focus of the US troops will first and foremost be on goals that don’t involve China. “There are two big thrusts here. One is obviously training with Australian defense forces and strengthening our already strong alliance with them,” says Capt. Greg Wolf, a US Marine Corps spokesman. 

The other is to deploy throughout the region to participate in theater exercises “and further regional security in that part of the world,” Captain Wolf adds. 


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