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Sexual assault reports jump at military academies, Pentagon finds

Despite the Pentagon's sexual assault awareness programs, reports at military academies rose by nearly a quarter in 2010-2011. Officials say women could be feeling more secure reporting the crimes.

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The number of sexual assaults reported on the campuses of the nation’s military academies increased by nearly a quarter over the 2010-2011 academic year, according to an annual Pentagon survey released Friday.

The dramatic increase was recorded despite efforts that defense officials have put into sexual assault awareness programs and other training to try to prevent rape and harassment on campus.

Roughly 12 percent of women who responded to the survey, and two percent of men, said they had experienced unwanted sexual contact.


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, in a memorandum to top Pentagon officials, expressed disappointment with the report, saying it pointed to a “persistent problem.”

But military officials who announced the results of the survey, which Congress has required the Pentagon to conduct for the past five years, attempted to put a positive spin on the report, noting that the Pentagon has been encouraging assault victims to have the confidence to come forward and report the crimes.


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