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Sharing a cause, campaign staffers find romance

Campaign Cupids are working overtime deep into the '08 primary season.

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When Laura Capps met Bill Burton, it wasn't exactly love at first sight. As communications director for presidential hopeful John Kerry working in Iowa, she was trying to score an interview with a prominent Iowa journalist for her candidate. When she found the reporter, he was already with Mr. Burton, communications director for rival Richard Gephardt, who'd beaten her to the punch.

As rivals, the two campaign aides couldn't help running into each other. Burton, who'd spent considerable time in Iowa, introduced Ms. Capps, a fresh transplant from San Francisco, to the Des Moines social scene. Soon their friendship evolved into a romance. When Mr. Gephardt dropped out of the race, Burton joined Senator Kerry's campaign.

"We call Des Moines the new Paris," says Capps, who married Burton two years after Kerry lost the 2004 election. "There's a lot of campaign romance, because it's attractive to find somebody who believes in something the way you do and is as passionate about politics as you are."


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