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Transcript of Rahm Emanuel Monitor Breakfast

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Q: Compare how Obama deals with domestic and international issues, compared with Clinton.

RE: Can we go to that last? No, I’m joking. Well, let me, uh, the two issues – let me set the stage internationally a little big different. And I may be wrong, because this is based on memory. But the two issues I remember the first year internationally were, the Bosnian war was ongoing and we had Haiti at that point. Now I could be missing –

Q: Rwanda.

RE: Rwanda. Yes, and Somalia. That was also. So those are the four. But they were flash points. The recession, I mean I think we have to – because you’re asking me something about the two characters in a context, and I [inaudible] sure we’re all thinking of the context the same.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, and I’m not being dismissive, so don’t – I’m not saying it that way. I wanna be clear. But they’re not Haiti, OK? And Somalia was an issue, our men and women lost their lives there. But it was not a hot hot war in the sense that you see today in both – you also have a, the wall came down earlier, and you were living with some of the aftermath of what was going on with integrating Eastern Europe, which is why the president, in the latter half of the sec – in the middle of the second term, latter half of the first term and beginning of the second term, dealt with NATO expansion.

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