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Transcript of Rahm Emanuel Monitor Breakfast

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The recession was not, by any means, as severe as we’re facing today. Which is one my points I’m bringing up is, president Clinton did not get the stimulus bill that was passed out of the House I think at 24 billion. It failed in the Senate at either 16 or 18 four months later. This president passed a 787 billion dollar recovery act in the first three weeks. And also a major expansion on healthcare.

So, the world that they’re both – the world that they’re dealing with is fundamentally different. Uh, now, I think they are incredibly talented individuals, OK? They have different styles, they’re at a different time, they’re also at different ages in their – I mean their own biography, they’re at different ages.

I think that – I think President Obama has one of the most disciplined minds and styles I’ve ever seen. And I think of my – I exercise every day. I’ve been doing it for umpteen years. I read a book, one every three weeks, I think I’m personally pretty disciplined. This guy is incredibly disciplined. And not only, structured, but his mind is unbelievably disciplined.

Q: For instance?

RE: He goes into a meeting and he’ll have read the brief the night before, and have the crux of his argument written down that he wants to drive that discussion to basic points. And he goes right to either the assumptions, the presumptions of the case. Now, I mean, I loved, as you know, working for President Clinton, who had an unbelievably creative mind. And I think was, for a host of reasons, was a very significant president. I was honored to work for him.

Their contexts are different, so while every president has a domestic issue and an international issue, etc., I mean, President Obama has what President Clinton had, but, I don’t want to say, it’s not appropriate to say on steroids, but by a quotient of 10.

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