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Is there a connection between healthcare reform and gun rights?

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The fear of Uncle Sam seizing guns has been constant since the election of President Obama. Although the administration has not introduced any gun-control measures and national gun rights have, in fact, expanded since Mr. Obama took office, there’s an ongoing insistence – fueled by National Rifle Association president Wayne LaPierre and others – that the Democratic leadership is itching to take away gun rights.

At the same time, concerns about issues such as the interplay between medical privacy and gun rights don’t necessarily amount to paranoia by gun owners, some legal scholars say.

“I think [gun owners] regularly underestimate the degree to which their own views are taken into account, but what people hear and see is that there are very influential people who are given to making statements like, ‘I support the Second Amendment,’ but who don’t think it would prohibit confiscation of weapons,” says Dan Polsby, dean of the George Mason University School of Law and an expert on the Second Amendment.

While the NRA has sided with background check reform, Gun Owners of America has historically opposed federal background checks for gun ownership. The organization says such checks overly burden lawful Americans and have no effect on criminal violence.

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