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For Alan Grayson, a liberal rebel, 'die quickly' was tame

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Introducing Vice President Joe Biden at a fundraising dinner, he suggested that former Vice President Dick Cheney gave Mr. Biden a tour of the White House "dungeon" and "its torture rack." He joked that Mr. Cheney invited Biden to “go waterboarding” with him.

Grayson enemy No. 1: the Fed

Elected as an anticorruption crusader targeting contractors in Iraq, he has turned his focus to the Federal Reserve and those he holds responsible for the financial meltdown.

His performances at hearings are tailored for the YouTube generation, and he has his own section on the online video site.

In one typical exchange, he asked the CEO of AIG the names of the “20 to 25 people” involved in the credit-default swaps that played a part in AIG’s collapse.

Edward Liddy: …I do not know those names. I don't have them all at my command.

Grayson: Well, how can you propose to solve the problems of the company that you're now running if you don't know the names of the people who caused that problem?...

Liddy: I'm just not going to do that, sir, because that will provide—that'll be the—that could be a list of people that we could do—individuals who want to do damage to them could do that. It's just not…

Grayson: Well, listen, these same people could now be working right now today at Citibank. Is it more important to protect them, the ones who caused the $100 billion loss, or protect us? Which is more important to you right now?

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