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Was Biden's 'back in chains' comment to black voters intentional? (+video)

Vice President Joe Biden told an audience that included African-Americans that Mitt Romney wanted to 'unchain' Wall Street from regulations and 'put y'all back in chains.' Team Romney called it a new low for the Obama campaign. Maybe Biden knew exactly what he was doing.

Biden's 'back in chains' comment
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Joe Biden is famous for gaffes. But when the vice president told voters in southern Virginia that Mitt Romney’s plan to “unchain” Wall Street would “put y’all back in chains,” it’s far from clear that he misspoke.  

Mr. Biden was speaking Tuesday to an audience that included many African-Americans, and he seemed to be playing to the crowd. With the allusion to slavery, the comment could easily have been a political “dog whistle” to black voters – a coded signal to a demographic that turned out heavily to elect Barack Obama as the first black president four years ago.

President Obama needs heavy black turnout again to win reelection.

The Romney campaign cried foul, accusing the Obama campaign of reaching a “new low” and saying Biden’s comments are “not acceptable in our political discourse.”  

Speaking on CBS “This Morning” Wednesday, Mr. Romney himself objected, saying the suggestion that he wants to deregulate Wall Street is inaccurate and that the nature of Biden’s comments sinks “the White House just a little lower.”  


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