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Why is Susan Rice on the hot seat over Benghazi attack? (+video)

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Sen. Lindsey Graham suggests a strong political motive in Rice’s characterization of the attack, particularly when she added that the United States under Obama’s leadership had “decimated al Qaeda.” Intelligence officials and the President later acknowledged that terrorists likely affiliated with al Qaeda had been part of the attack.

“The story she told helped reinforce the political narrative helpful to the president," Sen. Graham said on NBC's "Meet the Press" show. "I don't know what she knew, but I know the story she told was misleading.”

"Had the truth come out a few weeks before the election that our consulate in Benghazi had been overrun by an al Qaeda-sponsored, affiliated militia, that destroys the narrative we have been hearing for months that al Qaeda's been dismantled," Graham said.

Rep. Mike Rogers, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, suggests – without providing any evidence – that the administration changed the “talking points” provided Rice before she appeared on five Sunday news shows five days after the attack at Benghazi.

“The intelligence community had it right, and they had it right early,” Rep. Rogers said on “Meet the Press.” 

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