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Whose idea was the sequester? And does it matter? (+video)

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But Republicans have latched onto Mr. Woodward’s book as the smoking gun.

Aha, they say, the sequester is Mr. Obama’s baby. They’ve tried to get people to call it the “Obama sequester” or even the “Obamaquester.” It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, but it’s more than the Democrats have devised.

Exhibit B is a July 31, 2011, PowerPoint presentation found by John Avlon of The Daily Beast in an old e-mail, reported on Wednesday. The slideshow was put together by House Speaker John Boehner’s office and the GOP’s House-based think tank, the Republican Policy Committee, and describes a “new sequestration process” that would cut spending across the board if the cuts weren’t made by other means.

So there, say Democrats, the sequester is really a Republican idea.

The bottom line, concludes FactCheck.org, is that it doesn’t matter. Both parties are responsible for this puppy, the fact-checking site’s report says, because they both voted for it.

“The reality is that the pending cuts would not be possible had both Democrats and Republicans not supported the legislation that included them,” FactCheck says.

The sequester was part of the Budget Control Act (BCA) of 2011, which passed the House with 269 “yea” votes – 174 Republicans and 95 Democrats. In the 100-seat Senate, Democrats made up most of the 74 "yea" votes, but there were 28 Republicans in that majority, as well.

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