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Is Obama really losing the money battle? A fundraising Q&A.

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Question: How can Obama seriously be worried about money? What about all those fundraisers with George Clooney and Sarah Jessica Parker?

Answer: Certainly, Obama – who has spent more time fundraising to date than any of his White House predecessors – can hardly be described as cash-poor. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee together have raised $461 million this campaign cycle (through the end of May). That’s way ahead of the combined $298 million raised by Romney’s campaign and the Republican National Committee.  

Romney is picking up the pace, however. In May, Romney and the RNC pulled in almost as much as Obama and the DNC, according to the Campaign Finance Institute, and June could be even better for Romney. (The Romney campaign has hinted it will report a June haul of $100 million, which would be a historic – and for Democrats, pretty demoralizing – amount.)  

Question: How much of an advantage are super PACs providing for Romney? And what exactly are they, again?   

Answer: Super PACs – outside groups that are technically forbidden from coordinating with the campaigns, but can raise and spend unlimited sums – are already helping to level the playing field for Romney.

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