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What does Mitt Romney's new ad say about his strategy? (+video)

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(Read caption) Romney’s latest campaign ad, titled 'Silence'
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How does Mitt Romney want persuadable voters to think about the upcoming presidential election? Yes, we know he’s emphasizing the economy, and putting voters back to work, and so forth. What we’re getting at here is the sort of emotional context the Romney camp hopes will prevail among the swing electorate in November.

As it happens, we think Mr. Romney’s latest campaign ad, titled “Silence,” is a pretty good guide to what might be his overall strategy here. So as the late great Washington sportscaster George Michael used to say, “Let’s go to the videotape!”

The ad begins with "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley saying, “Tonight, new evidence the economic recovery is slowing." Then it moves swiftly, cutting between clips of reporters bemoaning the state of the job market and short bursts of President Obama giving a speech.

The Obama appearances are so brief as to be mere impressions. At one point you hear him say, “Ask if you’re better off than you were before..."

Then the montage accelerates, and the kind of rising music featured in horror movie trailers comes up. You hear only phrases – “We’re not seeing a ton of sunshine,” and so forth. Just as the tension peaks, we see not a slasher attack but Mr. Obama again, this time saying, “It’s not just how we’re doing today. It’s how we’ll be doing tomorrow."

Boom. Halfway through the ad, the music and the clips stop.

“Today, millions of Americans are suffering in silence,” comes on the screen in large white letters.


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