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Romney raised $100 million in June. Will that quiet conservative critics? (+video)

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Mitt Romney raised a boatload of cash – call it a supertanker cargo – in June, according to the Republican National Committee.

The presumptive GOP nominee’s haul for his campaign and associated Republican committees was “north of $100 million,” tweeted RNC political director Rick Wiley on Wednesday. Mr. Wiley directed his comment at President Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, saying he assumed the total would drive Mr. Messina and friends to adult beverages to drown their sorrows.

Will it? Perhaps. One hundred million Washingtons is a lot of money for a presidential campaign to accumulate in four weeks’ time. If true (it hasn’t yet been confirmed officially by the Romney campaign), that total would represent a record for Republican fundraising.

Mr. Obama beat that last time around – he raised $150 million in September 2008. But Obama’s money-race totals trailed Mr. Romney’s in May. Now the incumbent risks falling behind his challenger in this important metric for two months in a row.

“We’re already giving Team Obama’s formidable fundraising capabilities a run for their money – and it feels so good. Bazinga!” wrote contributor Erika Johnsen on the conservative Hot Air website on Thursday.


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